Tax Free Barcelona

If you are wondering where to claim your Tax Free refund of your purchases in Barcelona, there are many tips that you should know before buying, during, and after finishing your purchases.

The best tips and guidelines for tax free shopping in Barcelona


Have an incredible tax free shopping experience, while we guide you with unique saving money tips. International travelers outside the European Union (EU) can enjoy savings up to 21% when they perform Tax Free in Barcelona, making every trip truly enjoyable.

- General Tax Free Information -

Tax free minimum ammount:

Travellers are now able to claim Tax Free refund in Barcelona for the VAT amount of any purchase amount.

Standard V.A.T. rate: 

The standard V.A.T rate is 21%

Some optical goods: 10%
Medicines,pharmaceutical goods,magazines, books: 4%

Who is eligible for Tax Free Refund in Barcelona?

If you have permanent residence in a non-EU country you are able to claim your Tax Free Refund in Barcelona.

Customs stamping period:

Stamping period: Issuing month + 3 months
Validity of stamped Form: Issuing date + 4 years

Tax Free goods:

Tax Free Refunds are paid on every good that are exported in the traveller’s personal luggage.
Exported goods must be unused and sealed.

Retailer Tax Free forms processed.

If you request a Tax Free Form from the retailer in Barcelona, it may be processed by an intermediary tax free company on their behalf. In this case, the Retailer authorises the intermediary to operate the Tax Free Service on its behalf and the intermediary tax free company is obliged to refund the VAT to the traveller on behalf of the retailer. 

Do you need help with your Tax Free?

If you need assistance with your Tax Free refund in Barcelona and need information on how to save money and submit your tax free forms , do not worry we are here to help you.